insimul sinfonietta & John derek Bishop

Insimul Sinfonietta is a Stavanger based sinfonietta that strives to do beautiful, new and exciting projects. They often cooperate across genres and country boarders to explore new styles and sounds. In their project with John Derek Bishop they create a floating and impressionist style of music, that also has an experimental, expressionist and futuristic vibe. The basis for Bishop´s improvisation are excerpts from Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, Knut Vaage and more. These excerpts are recorded live on stage by Bishop and transformed into new sounds and textures spontaneously on the spot. Bishop uses the live-sampled material to improvise together with Insimul, creating new interpretations of the notated music being played. Their concert explores combining improvised electronic music with classical notated music. 

Insimul Sinfonietta and John Derek Bishop played four concerts in November 2023. Below is a clip from their concert at Tou in Stavanger - November 2023.